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CIC Program in Quebec
Summer - 2012

Academic Program

The CIC program is affiliated with Laval University's Cours d'été pour non-francophones, which has earned an outstanding reputation for French language instruction during the last fifty years. The group is accompanied in Quebec by a resident director from one of the participating CIC universities.

Students receive a total of seven semester hours for their summer in Quebec, six semester hours of which come from Université Laval coursework and the other one semester hour is an Introduction to Quebec course taught by the Resident Director. Courses at the Université Laval are designed to meet the needs of all the students of the French language, from the beginner to the advanced learner.

Each student is placed in one of nine language proficiency levels according to a placement test.  The language levels begin with elementary French and continue through Superior-level French where Quebecois culture and literature courses are offered.  All courses are taught by the faculty at Laval and each level meets for four or five hours per day, five days a week. Course information can be found on the Laval website.  CIC institutions accept undergraduate credit earned on the program.

Graduate students from CIC institutions should consult their graduate college to determine the applicability of credit.

One of the unique parts of this study abroad experience are the extra-curricular activities offered by Laval's group of local student animateurs (last summer there were 23 such animateurs).  They offer more than 30 hours per week of activities and in a great variety of areas, most of which are free for our students.  For a calendar of the activities available to students in the summer of 2010 click here.

All CIC students, before arrival at Laval, must choose a required workshop offered by Laval and must participate in that for the entire 5 weeks. Some examples include Visite de Québec, a music workshop, sculpture workshop, and theater workshop.